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News: Articles from Consultant 360 December 2015

Could Asthma Increase Risk of Developing Chronic Migraine?
The relationship between asthma and chronic migraine onset in individuals with episodic migraine was assessed in a recent study.

 Study: Vitamin D Doesn't Protect Asthma Patients' from Catching a Cold

A recent study evaluated the effect of vitamin D supplements on the risk of catching the common cold in patients with asthma.

Could Physical Activity Affect Asthma Outcomes in Women?

The association between levels of physical activity and quality of asthma control in men and women was evaluated in a recent study.

 Could Anxiety Worsen Asthma Outcomes?

A recent study examined the effects of anxiety sensitivity on asthma management and outcomes.

 Is it Safe to Step Down Medication in Patients with Controlled Asthma?

Researchers compared the safety and cost of lowering asthma controller medications with maintaining current treatment levels in patients with controlled asthma.