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News: Articles from Consultant 360 June 2015

Could Aspirin Slow Progression of Emphysema?

New research examined the potential of using aspirin to slow the progression of emphysema.


Study: E-Cigarettes Impair Pulmonary Immune System

New research examined the impact of e-cigarette vapor exposure on the immune system of the lungs.


Could an Inhaled Statin Be Used to Treat Asthma?

Researchers evaluated the impact of the inhaled pravastatin on overall lung airways and overproduction of mucus.


Could Soy Supplements Improve Asthma Outcomes?

New research explored whether supplementation with soy isoflavones could be used to improve outcomes in patients with poorly controlled asthma.


Women Hospitalized For Asthma More Often Than Men

New research compared rates of hospitalization after emergency department visits for acute asthma among women vs men.