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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 August 2019

New Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

USPSTF Releases Recommendations on Youth Smoking Prevention

The USPSTF has released a draft recommendation statement on the prevention and cessation of tobacco and nicotine use in youth.

CRP Testing Reduces Antibiotic Use, Improves COPD Outcomes

A new study determined whether point-of-care testing of C-reactive protein could reduce the rate of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and use among individuals with acute COPD and if doing so would cause any harm.

Perspectives on the Diagnosis and Management of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive fibrosing interstitial lung disease characterized by dyspnea and loss of lung function. The morbidity associated with IPF has a broad and profound impact on patients’ health-related quality of life and is associated with high health care resource utilization and costs.

Passing E-Cig Laws May Increase Traditional Cigarette Use

As the FDA and local governments debate e-cigarette regulations, authors of a new study measured the effect such laws could have on young adults’ smoking habits.

Excess Antibiotic Therapy Causes Harm in Patients With Pneumonia

Previous studies have shown no benefit from antibiotic therapy that exceeds the shortest effective duration. A new study aimed to evaluate the predictors and patient outcomes associated with excess antibiotic duration.