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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 January 2019

New Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Pediatric Asthma Prediction Is More Accurate With New Tool

The researchers hope that the new noninvasive risk score will become the most common tool used by medical practitioners to predict asthma in young children.

Smoked vs Vaporized Cannabis: How Does Method Impact Risks?

With vaporization becoming a more popular method for cannabis administration and cannabis becoming more available across the US, there is a need for controlled examinations of their effects on adults with infrequent cannabis use, according to the study authors.

Ventilation Decontamination Strategies Produce Similar Results to Standard of Care

Since the effects were unknown, researchers analyzed the impacts of certain decontamination strategies on bloodstream infections with antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in ventilated patients.

In COPD, Having Certain Comorbidities Can Extend Hospital Stay

While there is a known link between COPD and comorbidities, researchers wanted to determine whether that relationship affects patients’ hospital length of stay.

Biologic Shows Link to Noninfectious Pneumonia

In a retrospective analysis, researchers evaluated postmarketing case reports to identify cases of noninfectious pneumonia associated with a biologic used for the treatment of various autoimmune diseases.