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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 June 2018

New Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Potential As-Needed Alternative to Budesonide Identified for Mild Asthma

Following a randomized trial, researchers believe that they have found an as-needed alternative to budesonide maintenance therapy for the management of mild asthma.


Do Smoking Cessation Therapies Raise CVD Risk?

In a recent study, researchers sought to compare the cardiovascular safety of smoking cessation treatment with varenicline, bupropion, and the nicotine patch.


Could Eosinophil Count Predict Omalizumab Effectiveness?

In a study of 872 patients with severe allergic asthma, researchers examined whether pre-treatment blood eosinophil counts could be used to predict which patients would best respond to omalizumab therapy.


Childhood Asthma Exacerbation Predictors Identified

In a new study, researchers sought to identify predictors of childhood asthma exacerbations, examining the effects of age, sex, season, and eosinophil count.


NAFLD Takes a Toll on Lung Function

Because the association between non-alcohol fatty liver disease and lung function is not well characterized, researchers aimed to further clarify this potential association in a study of nearly 12,000 individuals.