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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 June 2019

New Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Most E-Cigarette Users Plan to Quit

Although previous studies on e-cigarettes have focused on harm reduction potential, use as a smoking cessation aid, toxicology profile, and their use among youth, little information on the effects of long-term e-cigarette use is currently available.

AHA: Hookah Smoking Raises the Risk for CVD

An increasing number of Americans are smoking tobacco using a water pipe. The American Heart Association has released a report of the cardiovascular effects of short- and long-term water pipe smoking that can help practitioners highlight the risks of hookah to their patients.

Airway Inflammation May Change Airway Microbiome in Severe Asthma Patients

The U-BIOPRED research project is an ongoing study of children and adults with asthma in Europe. This analysis examined the relationship between the airway microbiome and neutrophilic inflammation in patients with severe asthma.

Machine-Based Tool May Replace Polysomnography for Diagnosing OSA

In a new study, researchers compared a novel, operator-independent sleep disturbance tool with traditional polysomnography in diagnosing sleep disordered breathing in patients with OSA.

COPD Symptoms Are More Severe Among Women

A new study examined health outcomes of women versus men with COPD. How does the disease affect each gender?