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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 November 2018

New Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Common BP Meds May Elevate Lung Cancer Risk

Previous evidence has suggested an association between certain antihypertensive medications and lung cancer risk. To explore this further, researchers compared the effects of 2 antihypertensive drug classes on this risk in nearly 1 million patients.

New Guidelines for Supplemental Oxygen in Acutely Ill Adults Released

Supplemental oxygen is often provided to patients regardless of their blood oxygen saturation. Using data from a recent systematic review and meta-analysis, an international panel has released new guidelines for the use of oxygen therapy in acutely ill adults.

In MI, Supplemental Oxygen Use Worsens Outcomes

A study being presented at CHEST 2018 examined the evidence for and against supplemental oxygen use among patients who are hospitalized for myocardial infarction.

Children With Asthma May Be Helped by Dupilumab

In a new study presented at the CHEST Annual Meeting 2018, researchers assessed whether dupilumab is a safe and effective option for children with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe asthma.

Omalizumab Improves Asthma Symptoms in as Little as 16 Weeks

Longer-term therapy with omalizumab has been shown to improve asthma and reduce exacerbations. Investigators looked at the short-term effects of the medication.