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News: Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360 September 2016

Respiratory Disease Articles from our Partners at Consultant 360

Late-Onset Asthma Linked to Higher Risk of CVD, Stroke
New research investigated whether late-onset asthma is associated with a higher risk of incident cardiovascular disease. 

Rapid Test Decreases Antibiotic Use for Respiratory Infections

Noting that inappropriate antibiotic use is common in primary health care, researchers assessed whether rapid C-reactive protein testing could safely reduce antibiotic use in patients with non-severe acute respiratory tract infections

 Could Antipsychotics Raise Pneumonia Risk in Alzheimer Patients?

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have found a connection between the use of antipsychotic medications and a higher risk of pneumonia in individuals with Alzheimer disease.

Could Antifungal Therapy Improve Asthma Symptoms?

New research explores the efficacy of antifungal medication in treating asthma and chronic sinusitis in patients whose sputum was positive for fungal cultures.

Smokers Using Nicotine Inhaler Double Chances of Quitting?

Use of a novel nicotine inhaler significantly increases the likelihood of smoking cessation when combined with a nicotine patch.