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News: January 2023 News from our partners at Consultant360
Allergic Asthma Therapy and Management
Allergic asthma comprises up to 90% of asthmatic cases in the pediatric population. Among this population, studies have shown that as much as one in every two patients experience inadequate control of their condition.

Pop Quiz: Allergic Asthma Triggers
Are you familiar with the common triggers for patients with allergic asthma? Test your knowledge with this pop quiz!

Determining the Effectiveness of Treatment of Severe Allergic Asthma with Biomarkers
Researchers determine which pretreatment biomarkers effectively predict whether the use of omalizumab is useful for patients with severe allergic asthma.

Test Your Knowledge: Allergic Asthma
We present an example patient case and discuss the appropriate steps for diagnosing and treating allergic asthma. Take the quiz to test your knowledge!

Delayed Diagnosis of Chronic COVID Syndrome
For more than three years now, COVID-19 continues to appear as a variety of symptom sets in the pediatric population—from completely asymptomatic presentations to fulminant respiratory failure, and everything in between.